A phone call

A phone call

Last evening,
Over the phone i heard
a hasty sound:
“is this Mr.Kan? Yes i am.
Was response from me,
The ‘ One’ who posted those dirty lines?
Next she roared.
And call it ballads and hymns? Aaaaghh…
I, Got bit confused and furious too,
so grounded my cup of tea,
And threw my paper, as she poured out all
her stinky pee.
Who the hell you are?
Inquired I angrily.
hehehe… and then in a bursting sound
She blessed my auditory perception
like a lady-Hound,
‘Go to hell KAN with such slum-lines,
And for heaven sake, cease
your pathetic and stale poetic rhymes.
Oh! I felt  something’ fractured inside me.


Author: xelam

The best contemporary poetry”, wrote TS Eliot, “can give us a feeling of excitement and a sense of fulfilment different from any sentiment aroused even by very much greater poetry of a past age. The twentieth-century poetry—its continuities and transformations—with an emphasis on how new poets have dealt with and radically changed poetic tradition. Modern poets have built upon and reacted to the profound legacy of Romanticism (both British and American)—its theories of the imagination, its conception of the poets role in art and society, its complicated struggle with the question of how mind, world and language interact, and its exploration of the status of art, especially textual art, in the world. Twentieth-century poets have grappled with how to make it new, This effort has entailed an even greater self-awareness about and thematization of the interplay between poetry and the world, and an acute self-consciousness about what Wallace Stevens calls the world of words we live in. Modem poetry (along with the fiction is marked by a constant struggle with the paradoxes of living in, with and through words. ( Quoted ) because Un INTELLECTUAL dice una cosa simple de una manera dura. Un ARTISTA dice una cosa difícil de una manera sencilla ... xelam kan

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