A phone call

A phone call

Last evening,
Over the phone i heard
a hasty sound:
“is this Mr.Kan? Yes i am.
Was response from me,
The ‘ One’ who posted those dirty lines?
Next she roared.
And call it ballads and hymns? Aaaaghh…
I, Got bit confused and furious too,
so grounded my cup of tea,
And threw my paper, as she poured out all
her stinky pee.
Who the hell you are?
Inquired I angrily.
hehehe… and then in a bursting sound
She blessed my auditory perception
like a lady-Hound,
‘Go to hell KAN with such slum-lines,
And for heaven sake, cease
your pathetic and stale poetic rhymes.
Oh! I felt  something’ fractured inside me.


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