Scared Fairy

Sweet as Homeric rhymes
she was, but had a life not sublime,
far  away from vanity
and as sacred as the Trinity.

Dwelled in a harsh countryside
belonged to a barbaric tribe;
she was like a wild rose, but
was deprived from her sweet repose.
” What ail thee O! Fairy Queen?
such woes and pain i had never seen”,
upon my plaintive query
she unfold this story:
” since got conscious, was
Immersed into this life noxious;
Ah never had a second of any sweet willing,
but always been threatened of honor-killing.’
‘Neither joy nor certitude, I had
but been blessed with demeanour bad. ”
In sobs and sighs,many a time
She had versed her past in melancholic rhymes.”

Alone  like a polar star, and
helpless too,to wage another
Trojan war, and her wild bright eyes,
Make my dreams full of cries.


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