Bright Star

Ye an unblessed being,
born in despair, and
afore blooming fully 
was eclipsed by death cruelly.

Though had a little past in poesy Art,
yet great and grand and ceased to be lost.
Ah! grief came to you as a luxury 
indeed  beauty dwells with melancholy.

Oh you’re wrong when you stated:
‘My name was write in water ‘ 
Behold! like a Polar Star at night 
that make dark sensations illuminating.

A dime god of a sensuous claimed; 
but bereaved, bereft and lost;
words those you sweetly glossed 
are symbol of high romance,
that brings every soul in trance.

An ardent lover and a true Romantic 
and you are termed 
a Sappho of modern times.
How enchanting and enthralling are your rhymes. 



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