Mistaken by the subsequent races
the STORY of god and his traces;
from Solon to Solomon, and
from Moses to Marx, and
from necromancy to theocracy.

How can He only be a Semitic,
and is mute in Gallic and in Attic?
oh these are nothing but fancies:
an aura of romance, that brought
humanity in trance, to cease their
peace and freedom
with an uncertain attitude.
How graciously was marked it
by a Renaissance’s soul:
there is no sin but ignorance, and
counted religion but a childish toy.
Priest, monk, saint, cleric and rabbi
are but heralds of heaven and hell,
claimed to be revealed with
scriptures sealed, but surely they deluded
the truth, which was cognate to man.

The mysteries of life and death
Of good and evil, Of heaven and hell
Aren’t illusions and mental repressions
that viciously drafted  to hail
their sinister schemes



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