Fall of Troy

Learnt from Chapman’s Homer,
A story,full of grace and glamour.

The royals, warriors and multitude
played an ancient drama
sans merci, sans certitude.
A war that was waged in heavens
amongst the deities of love,
wedding and wisdom, to crown
the fairest of heavenly kingdom.
Poor Paris from the Trojan race ,
chose to pick that celestial FACE.
Ah! This sin of the prince was unforgiven,
brought thousands ships towards Trojan haven.

The wall of Troy,besieged
by savage and sage
for term of ten years age,
prince Hector the daredevil
embraced Achilles` wrath and
kissed a painful death.
Days and nights, round the clock
Trojans and Achaeans clashed like
giant rocks:
Hector, Aeneas, Agenor and Sarpedon, and
Achilles, Odysseus, Ajax, and Agamemnon.

For a worthless love and fairy
Troy lost her grace and glory.



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