how to write: criticism

how to write originally:

Writing prompts can often generate original thought. Try a “what if” scenario: What if children ruled the world? What if you woke up three feet taller?

Write about something “ugly” and make it beautiful through imagery.
Take your personal demons and put them down on paper. If the subject is painful yet rings true, it will strike a chord with your readers. Don’t be afraid to tackle uncomfortable subjects.

Take on the cliches directly:
try writing a good love poem without once using the word “love.” Take it a step further and eliminate the words “joy,” “desire,” and “heart.”

Read contemporary poet’s work.
Read all you can. Identify what makes a poem call to you and analyze what makes you dislike other poems. Gain inspiration from other’s work.

all subject matter is worthy. A good poet need not have traveled the world or lived a life of tragedy. Look in your own metaphorical backyard for material.



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