Da Vinci Code

Da Vinci Code

This life is full of  
tittering jeering emptiness  
and unacceptable too,   
so I painted myself like a Hero: 
no less than the Marvel’s figures:   
A holy spirit I framed this sh*t,   
and started moving along 
the silent winds to climb 
the flirting stars and was 
singing Milton’s songs. 
Wearing white  
in that dark cold night,   
my flight in the falling mist  
was full of horror and fright, 
and when I past the worldly time,  
that measures the melting hours,  
down I saw glares and glows unknown  
and heard thousands of filthy groans,   
it left my reason  
numbed and vision blind. 
A high treason it would be   
in the seventh sky, as I got to know 
that MAN is a fleck of dust, 
but worthy more than the ten commandments, 
and sacred like the Da Vinci code…  
Oh come on K !
WTH are you talking?   
it’s too boring, isn’t?   
let’s have some drink and  
a little nap instead.


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